The Family on Fox Gap Rd

The Family on Fox Gap Rd

Dear Kirkridge community,

In these early days of transition, the work is so much about getting to know one another. I am loving meeting people and listening to the stories that draw you to this land again and again. And you all are getting to know me and learning my own story on this land and the dreams that are bubbling inside of me.

But I do not come to Kirkridge alone. I want you also to know my family. Over the last nine months, as we discerned this possible move to Kirkridge, it was a full family process. We were dreaming, grieving, hoping, and writing pros and cons list together as a family. I brought my kids to my interview in May and I said, “if you don’t love this place, we would take that very seriously.”

Luckily, they fell in love. We all did. They are a beautiful part of who I am and they are part of the community here at Kirkridge that will welcome you with open arms.

So, in this email, I hope to give you a glimpse into who they are through my words and their own.

Erinn Fahey

Erinn and I have been married for eleven years. We met on a college trip to Taize where wandering the hillsides of France and praying the chants, we fell in love. Relationships with a group of Palestinian students at Taize led us to the West Bank with Michigan Peace Team. Our training in third-party nonviolent intervention turned out to be incredible skills for marriage and relationships. We built community together in Detroit these past 13 years loving deeply our neighborhood, the fruit trees, and our entertaining chickens.

Erinn and my brain work in marvelously different ways. She studied physics and math becoming a civil engineer focused on water resources. With this move, she is taking a break from work and supporting all of us in this transition. She is also a green woodworker. She spends her days walking our dog up this mountain, carving spoons, and cooking us delicious meals. I am so grateful for the ways her gifts will pour out at Kirkridge.

Erinn, when we imagined moving to Kirkridge, what were you most excited about?
Living in the woods and mountains. Being surrounded by nature right out my front door.

What has been your favorite part so far?
Walking the trails. It has been so nice to take a break from work and get to be more present to our family. I am loving it.

What is your favorite spot at Kirkridge?
The trail between the field and old MAG road.

Finish this sentence. Kirkridge is a place….
where I can rest.

(Erinn will be posting moments on the mountains on our Instagram every Friday. Hope you can follow her adventures there!)


Isaac is 9 years old. Ever since he was born, when he would cry or his heart was heavy, all we had to do was walk out the front door. His soul is at rest in the woods. Two years ago, he announced to us that he would no longer be wearing shoes because he “could better communicate with the earth.” He has a ridiculous memory for animal facts and identification. He also has a stubborn moral compass encouraging our family to make serious commitments to combat climate change.

He is also an amazing drawer and lego builder. He just started 4th grade at Washington Elementary in Bangor. He is so excited to start playing the clarinet in the school band!

When we thought about moving to Kirkridge, what were you most excited about?
Living in the mountains and less pollution.

What is your favorite animal at Kirkridge?
snakes, black bears, deer, and spiders

What are you reading right now?
Treasure Island

Kirkridge is a place…
which is quiet, non-polluted, and fun.


Cedar is 6 years old. He is a full-body person who can be found up at the top of the tree or walking the ledge of the couch. He still curls up in our arms for snuggles and consistently makes us laugh at his (often inappropriate) jokes. He draws stories of wild monsters and sea creatures. He can read a whole chapter book before he falls asleep. He loves crafting of all kinds and we love pulling out our knitting projects together. He also is so excited to have learned to swim this summer in the Deleware River.

He just started 1st grade at Five Points in Bangor. He loves coming home and reporting on all his new friends and particularly loves his time with friends on the bus.

When we thought about moving to Kirkridge, what were you most excited about?
Living in the forest.

What’s your favorite part so far?
How many wild animals there are. I love the turtles in the Tarn.

What are you reading right now?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Kirkridge is a place
of wonder.


We also have a dog. Last summer, Isaac fliered the neighborhood looking for work in order to save up for a dog. Erinn and I, who are not dog people, couldn’t resist once he had raised $200 from weeding, watering gardens, cat sitting, and cleaning. So, we’ve had Cooper for a year now. He is 3 years old. He loves the move to Kirkridge…but clearly has some hunting breed in him which makes this a great place for him to reconnect with his ancestral roots.

Cooper, What’s your favorite part of living at Kirkridge?
Hunting chipmunks.

What’s your favorite animal at Kirkridge?

What are you interested in these days?
Hunting chipmunks

Kirkridge isa place…

of magic and magical chipmunks.

Grateful for you all to know my family. Can’t wait for you to meet these wonderful folks in person on the mountain. Come visit!



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