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Retreat Facilitation

Sometimes your group needs to get away so badly and you don’t have capacity to plan the retreat. We can help! Contact us to explore our packages.


Our lush, stunning campus is the ideal place to celebrate your union. We recognize the land as a queer space and welcome same-sex as well as heterosexual couples. In addition to providing hospitality, we can help you design a beautiful ceremony for yourselves and your community. Christian and interfaith pastors are available to make it all official! Or you are welcome to bring your own officiant. Contact us here for a tour and more information.


What thresholds are you or your loved ones crossing? What are the milestones in your life that crave recognition, celebration, or grieving? Whether it’s a coming-of-age ritual or a coming out, a retirement or a re-naming, a baptism or a memorial, we can help you discern and design a ritual that will mark the sacredness of the moment. Contact us here to schedule a consultation.


Massage therapy is a form of complimentary alternative medicine with many physical and mental benefits. It can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, control pain, increase circulation and flexibility as well as general relaxation. It is a powerful tool for connecting the mind, body and spirit. Services are available at Kirkridge by appointment only. You can contact our massage therapist at

Spiritual Direction

We would be honored to accompany you as you explore and deepen your connection to the spiritual and the sacred, including how your spiritual commitments inform your work, activism, and/or sense of purpose. Spiritual direction is available in person or via Zoom. Reach out to us here to schedule.

Social & Racial Justice Coaching

Coaching can help you take the next steps in your work toward justice. You will become right-sized and aware of yourself as a marvelous, significant, and humble part of the intergenerational river of beings who’ve always worked to bend the arc of history toward justice. We partner with Michelle Puckett to offer these services over Zoom. Schedule time with Michelle with this link.

Ancestral Lineage Healing

No matter what your relationship is to your family of origin, or how thoroughly ravaged by historical trauma your bloodlines are, we all have vibrant, wise, and loving ancestors somewhere in our blood lineages. We all have ancestors who understood that:

  • The earth and everything in it is alive, relational, and worthy of respect and care.
  • All life is an interdependent web of which we are just one part.
  • Every living person is the unique and incomparable result of countless relationships throughout time.
  • Our ancestors are present today in our blood and bones and can provide support, guidance, and backing for our lives. 
  • We can embody the blessings of our ancestors and assist in healing their burdens; time in not linear.
  • Queer and gender-nonconforming people possess special magic for the good of the community

This is knowledge desperately needed for our times, and for our lives.

Through a safe, grounded, ritually protected, and spiritually nourishing process, you can reconnect with wise and loving ancestors and assist them in bringing healing to the dead who are still troubled and in need of healing. As a result of this process, you will likely experience resolution of physical and emotional difficulties, a clearer sense of purpose, and a reliable sense of being companioned and supported by those who came before you.

Proceeds from ancestral lineage healing are channeled into our Equity Fund and used to support retreats for BIPOC people and BIPOC-led movement organizations working for Black liberation, indigenous sovereignty, and migrant justice.

Contact us here to set up a free initial consultation.