About Kirkridge

Located on the homelands of the Lenape people, Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center is a refuge for everyone seeking to live humanly in a violent world. It is a place of rest and recovery, an incubator of collective freedom projects, and a wilderness school where we learn to assume our right-sized place in the wild and diverse ecosystems we inhabit, recognizing that some of us have been socialized to play too big and some too small. We are invested in dismantling supremacy of every kind, at every level, and about welcoming people of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, religions, and abilities.

Equally committed to our local community and to people of goodwill throughout Turtle Island
and beyond, we seek to be in deep relationship with this mountain and all those whose lives have intertwined with hers–human and more-than-human–for millenia.

Steeped in the peace- and justice-loving traditions of radical Christianity, Kirkridge wholeheartedly welcomes people of all faiths and none. Kirkridge prioritizes the needs of people and groups who are targeted and/or excluded within existing social systems and structures.

From our mountain vistas, you can glimpse the Delaware river, the farmlands and forests of New Jersey and the LeHigh Valley, and the Pocono Mountains to the north. Soaring eagles and red-
tailed hawks, deer, groundhogs, frogs, turtles and the occasional black bear can be spotted on our
230 acres, 116 of which are now protected in perpetuity in partnership with the Nature Conservancy.

Our grounds feature:
  • A Peace Garden in memory of frequent retreat leaders Daniel Berrigan, Phil Berrigan, and Elizabeth McAlister
  • A Memorial Garden that was created during the AIDS crisis to provide a loving home for
    the remains of those whose families would not take them; has since welcomed the ashes of other devoted Kirkridge friends; and is an important site where we seek the wisdom of our LGBTQ+ ancestors
  •  A working vegetable garden that is teaching us about our plant, insect, and microbial relatives and may one day soon feed our retreatants
  • A stone labyrinth where seekers listen for the voice of wisdom and guidance
  • Marked hiking trails for wandering and reflection The Appalachian trail passes through our grounds, and we are neighbors to Columcille Megalith Park, which welcomes our guests to stroll or meditate among the mythical stone installations there.

Come to rest, learn, dream, wander, celebrate, strategize, grieve, and be transformed by this
place. You will be in good company here.

Land Acknowledgement

Honoring the Lenape people

We recognize the Lenape people as the indigenous people of this land and the perennial spiritual stewards of their homelands. We commit ourselves to actively making repair for the harm done to our Lenape relatives, to being in right relationship with them, to walking well and carefully on this land, and to doing whatever we can to contribute to the thriving and sovereignty of both the Lenape people and this vibrant ecosystem.

Learn more about the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania here.

You can read about the practices we have committed to here.

Our Antiracist Workplace Policy
  1. Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center is committed to being not only an Equal Opportunity Employer but an actively antiracist workplace. This commitment is manifest in
  2. Collaboration with the Retreat Center Collaborative’s Racial Healing Initiative.
  3. Advertisement of job openings in places likely to be seen by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) job seekers and the creation of internships or fellowships to
    promote more BIPOC opportunity within the retreat sector.
  4. A recognition that BIPOC individuals face additional stressors that can impact their work lives. We have instituted a policy of Responsive Time Off, granting up to three days of paid leave following traumatic events such as police murders of Black and Brown people and mass hate crimes.
  5. Antiracism trainings for staff, community, and board members, mandatory for white members and optional for BIPOC members, who may opt to have a BIPOC caucus and/or use the time for self care.
  6. Access to supportive BIPOC-only spaces for BIPOC staff to process workplace events and policies and gain support in proposing changes in support of our antiracist commitment.

Just, equitable, and flexible benefits for all staff.

Our Commitment to Collection Liberation

Practices held with gentleness and resolve

Traveling To Kirkridge

Guidance for any path you choose

No matter how you or your party is traveling, we want your journey to Kirkridge to be seamless and free of frustration the entire way. Our main location is at 2495 Fox Gap Road in Bangor, PA 18013.

Follow the directions in the drop down boxes below by clicking on your preferred method of travel. 

Feel free to call us if you need help or additional directions of any kind. 

From I-80: Take Pennsylvania exit number 307 (Old Exit 50) in Stroudsburg to Route 191 South. Take Route 191 South approximately 5 miles to the top of the ridge. The first Kirkridge sign will be for the Nelson Lodge, proceed to the second sign and turn left (Fox Gap Road) for our Turning Point, Hermitage, Farmhouse and Van der Bent facilities.

From I-78: From either the east or west, take the Route 22 exit and follow to Route 33 North. Take Route 33 North to the Route 191 exit at Stockertown. Take Route 191 North through Stockertown, Ackermanville and Bangor. Continue approximately 5 miles to the top of the ridge. Turn right at first Kirkridge sign (Fox Gap Road) for our Turning Point, Hermitage, Farmhouse and Vander Bent facilities. Turn right at the second Kirkridge sign for the Nelson Lodge.

From New York City (port Authority) take Martz Trailways to Stroudsburg/Delaware Water Gap- DWG( not Bangor). There are several buses daily(www.martztrailways.com). For information call Trailways @ 800-858-8555 or @ port authority: 212-564-8484. In New Jersey call 800-233-8604.

From Philadelphia. Greyhound goes to Stroudsburg twice a day(www.greyhound.com). Call 800-231-2222.

Call Pocono cab service @ 570-424-2800 or Uber to bring you to Kirkridge. Please make sure they leave you at the building being used for your event. The building is listed in your information packet sent by Kirkridge for Kirkridge events or should have been given to you by the leader of your event. If they leave you at the wrong building there may not be anyway for us to get you to the correct building for your event.

Turning Point

  • 610-588-0249
  • 2495 Fox Gap Rd Bangor, PA 18013

The Nelson Lodge

  • 610-588-5078 
  • 3501 Valley View Dr Bangor, PA 18013


  • 610-588-0954
  • 2281 Fox Gap Rd Bangor, PA 18013           


  • 610-588-2565
  • 2260 Fox Gap Rd Bangor, PA 18013

If you fly in to any airport (ABE, EWR, or PHL) there are several commuting options. Click here for car service information.

Lehigh Valley International, (formerly ABE), Allentown, PA – Uber to Kirkridge costs between $40 and $60.00. (depending on time and availability)

Newark International Airport, Newark NJ- Uber to Kirkridge costs between $90.00- $114.00 (depending on time and availability)

Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia, PA-Uber costs $125.00 (depending on time and availability). If you choose this airport it is not likely shared rides will be available, we recommend the options above.

If using Uber please make sure to be dropped off at the specific building address where your retreat is located.