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Happy Juneteenth

Today, in a spirit of humility, we at Kirkridge mark Juneteenth, a national holiday celebrating the end of an institution

The Dreams that Called me Home

I dream of a resting place. Systems are crumbling. The powers are wreaking havoc. The climate is in crisis. It

The Family on Fox Gap Rd

Dear Kirkridge community, In these early days of transition, the work is so much about getting to know one another.

A Letter From Lydia

Then the delight, when your courage kindled, and out you stepped onto new ground,… awaken your spirit to adventure; hold


Our 2021 Annual Report

We are pleased to share with you our 2021 Annual Report! Though no single document could encapsulate the depth and


A Time for Transition at Kirkridge

To Everything… Turn, Turn, Turn… A Time for Transition at Kirkridge …we are all making the journey together … We