To be and to become.

To be and to become.

Every week of the year, we provide hospitality to individuals and communities seeking to discover their own light and offer that light in return to the world. This year alone, we have welcomed retired veterans finding new words for their stories, young adults living with disabilities crafting beautiful pieces of art in our glass studio, participants immersing themselves in the study of ancient and sacred texts, those who have experienced trauma finding space for healing, religious leaders welcoming mindfulness into their lives, and individuals seeking quiet for their own spiritual journey.              

Your contribution helps make all of this, and more, possible.  And we are immensely grateful.

Kirkridge is a gift given to all of us, shared in common, for all who find their way here. As a gift held in trust, Kirkridge calls each of us to preserve this sacred place. Together we can ensure that we, and coming generations, will always have Kirkridge as a place of quiet refuge, a place for the restoration of our souls, a place to renew our courage with companions for the journey ahead.  

Please join me in this season of light with a generous gift for our work and ministry at Kirkridge. Whether it is $10, $100, $1000 or more your gift blesses the lives of all who are called to this mountain.

images of groups in 2019

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