Update on Opening Physical Facilities

Update on Opening Physical Facilities

Breathing in the early morning air, I can feel the dampness of summer. Atop the mountain, the world smells like summer and on so many levels, it is clear we are on a new adventure around the sun. With the lush green and warm air it is hard to remember what we have walked through, and yet together we have been on a journey that will mark our lives forever through COVID-19, violence, injustice, transition, and growth. 

On the mountain, we are beginning to re-open. As we intentionally move into new ways of being, with health and safety measures, we are beginning to welcome guests and volunteers. Many things change over the course of a year especially through a pandemic. We have lost many staff due to relocations, retirements and resignations. Opening up fully will take time. 

Online programs have brought joy…connection….and will continue. We know now Kirkridge is not only a place but a community and a practice. We are balancing moving forward with online and on-site programs. 

Our campus is already filling up with reservations for hospitality groups beginning later this summer. What a joy it will be to welcome guests back in person. You are also welcome to make a reservation for a private retreat or bring a group of your own to the campus. For now, guests will be responsible for their own food. We ask for your patience and grace.

We have come to say through this year that “Together we are Kirkridge,” and so we are. Enjoy. 

In Gratitude, Jean Richardson

picture of kirkridge bell tower with over look at Turning Point.

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