Support Kirkridge’s Gathering Spaces

Support Kirkridge’s Gathering Spaces

“It is time for the pilgrim in me

to travel in the dark,

to learn to read the stars

that shine in my soul.”

~ Old Maps No Longer Work by Joyce Rupp

In this difficult time, Kirkridge is learning to travel in new ways.  And we are inviting the pilgrim in you to join us on this journey.  

While the Kirkridge Farmhouse shelters in the afternoon shade, a spring breeze whispers on the tarn. The bell at Turning Point stands still, waiting to greet a silent sunrise.  Nelson Lodge settles into sleep each evening as the last rays of light sink below Kittatinny Ridge.

Yet, Kirkridge has been very busy — building community, offering spaces of respite and renewal, and creating opportunities for our souls to shine. From this place that is rich in ancient wisdom, new forms of radical hospitality emerge daily. 

Whether it is holding virtual circles and conversations on-line; sharing photos and reflections by email, or hearing the voices of friends and supporters through simple phone calls, we have been reaching out and gathering in.

There is a great longing for sacred gathering spaces at this time.  Your support makes all this possible.

One recent participant in a Kirkridge on-line circle shared that, even in isolation, she felt an “experience of spontaneous wonder together.” Another expressed appreciation for “the welcoming and spirit-led atmosphere.” Still another said Kirkridge had opened a “safe space for someone who had no other place to go.”

Our work continues and, in the weeks and months ahead, it will grow.  We hope you, too, will be part of this new and essential mission for Kirkridge.  

Since the beginning of March, when Kirkridge closed our physical doors due to coronavirus, we have explored the new landscape of on-line programming.  The outpouring of interest has been overwhelming:

  • We have welcomed over 450 on-line participants. We have hosted 25 virtual offerings and more are on the way. These programs include Circles of Trust®, writing circles, gatherings for art, education, and meditation.
  • Long-time Kirkridge communities such as Sisterly have come together to rekindle old ties.
  • We have increased our on-line communications and resources. This includes sharing moments from the mountain that bring images of Kirkridge to virtual spaces and reflections from Jean, Justine, and others bring solace and inspiration through our listserv.

All of these programs have been and will continue to be offered free and open to everyone who registers.   With your generous donation, we will be able to do so much more.  

Please look for upcoming programs on our website at

And, when you are able, please join us in donating today. No gift is too small.  Every offering will be deeply appreciated. 

Kirkridge is still shining … and together, we can ensure that Kirkridge will shine more brightly than ever in this unmapped world.  

With gratitude –

Diane Petteway  

Chair of the Kirkridge Governing Board 

Kathy Gille

Member of the Kirkridge Board  

P.S. In these difficult times, new legislation allows individuals to take a $300 tax deduction for charitable contributions.  We hope this will make it easier for you to support Kirkridge today. 

Zoom call with people showing art work

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