Kirkridge launches new website!

Kirkridge launches new website!

It’s our great honor and pleasure to update our website and launch it in September 2019. We’ve taken great measures to ensure our website is accessible, up-to-date, and beautiful. When we mention beautiful, it isn’t to just say it’s gorgeously displayed, but represents the natural and spiritual depth and beauty that is Kirkridge. All the intentionality behind Kirkridge’s mission is focused in this website. We wanted to include updated photos that represent the natural beauty, spiritual development, and personal growth that many find on our side of the mountain.

On the technology front, we have made it easier to access online registration and created easier-to-use forms. We’ve also turned our attention to featured articles and updated news so you can stay up-to-date on the happenings of Kirkridge, including more information on our unique and rustic buildings located in the lushness of the Kittatinny Ridge. In fact, everything that Kirkridge works on, as gifts to our community and our world, are the focus of these pages. We’re looking forward to using our website to maximize our connections with you, including inviting in your feedback, questions, or comments. If you want to let us know something, please use the ‘contact us’ page or email us at

All our best to you—and thanks for being with us as we learn on this high-tech journey.

front page to Kirkridge website

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