Grief Support through Circles at Kirkridge

Grief Support through Circles at Kirkridge

People don’t feel like they have a right to grieve… A year into this, the losses are piling up.  I just had this conversation in my office when this person said, “I can’t complain about my grief, because people have it worse.” But we have to correct that thinking. Your grief is your grief. You can’t compare it to other people. 

Lisa  S .Zoll, as quoted in the New York Times, March 15, 2021  

We have collectively come through a very difficult year, one that we could not have imagined 12 months ago. It has been filled with loss, sadness, disappointment and grief. We have each held this time differently in our lives. For all of us, there has been a measure of grief as headlined in the New York Times article authored by Tara Parker-Pope,  “It’s OK to Grieve for the Small Losses of a Lost Year.”  

Our grief is our grief and we must not compare it, turn from it or discard it. If we find the courage to hold, honor and befriend our grief, we might  discover new openings in our lives.  Using Paula D’Arcy’s book The Winter of Heart as our guide, Elaine Sullivan and Jean Richardson as we will explore the work of grieving in three sessions from 5-6:30pm ET on Wednesdays:

March 31,  The Work of Grief, No Right Way to Grieve: Grief is Not Orderly.

April 14, Facing Into our Grief. How are we called to listen to our broken hearts? Where does healing begin?

May 5, Faith, Hope and Grief. Where is the light beginning to shine into our lives through this life changing experience ?  

Join Elaine Sullivan and Jean Richardson as we explore “the work of grieving” as we sit in silence, journal and share in a safe and trustworthy space called a Circle of Trust®. Join us for all three sessions or any session.

About your Facilitators:

Elaine Sullivan is a nationally recognized advocate of holistic wellness. Her experience includes years of teaching, counseling, psychotherapy, workshops, lecturing, and program development. From decades of work, Elaine began to recognize the deep mystery and power of mind, body, and spirit connection.

Dr. Jean M. Richardson has spent her past two decades working in retreat centers. Jean is a trained facilitator of the Center for Courage and Renewal, an ordained Presbyterian minister, an experienced program and workshop facilitator.

Pricing: Kirkridge is committed to providing heartfelt and generous programming that is available to all.  And we need your help to continue doing so.  The cost of providing this program is approximately $20 per person per gathering. Please support this program if you are able. We will be grateful if you could contribute an additional amount to help cover the costs of others and as always, all are welcome regardless of ability to pay.

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