Integration and Disintegration: Shaping Change in Alignment with Nature

Integration and Disintegration: Shaping Change in Alignment with Nature

Marcia Lee and en sawyer

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Cost: Sliding Scale $500, $375, $250

Facilitators: Marcia Lee and en sawyer

Energy doesn’t disappear, it just changes forms. We often think of these concepts as opposites, but integration cannot exist without disintegration and vice versa.  This is the natural rhythm of life.  When decomposition happens, mycelium grows.  How do we shape change without trying to control change?  Sometimes, when we try to force change, we lose parts of ourselves along the way.  Join us for a retreat to explore the edges and interactions of disintegration and integration in your own life through embodied movement, mushroom cultivation, and space to pause and reflect.  You will take home with you the beginnings of a mycelial community that will hopefully grow mushrooms!  

We would like to center and prioritize marginalized communities in this retreat: BIPOC, immigrants, disabled people, LGBTI+.

Facilitators Bios:

Marcia Lee lives in Waawiiyatanong, currently known as Detroit, MI. She aspires to create a more just and compassionate world through deep reflection and conscious actions. Marcia is a Courage and Renewal facilitator who creates embodied spaces for people to connect with their own inner voice. She co-founded Taproot Sanctuary to live in right relationship with ourselves, the earth, and our neighbors. Marcia’s background is in environmental justice, restorative justice, and healing justice. She is a certified healing centered leadership coach; restorative justice circle keeper; popular education facilitator; and tai chi teacher. She is a mother, wife, friend, sister, and daughter.

en sawyer (he/him) is an artist, taiko drummer, woodworker, urban mycologist, permaculturist, vipassana meditator, and father.  He aspires to live with discernment and according to the dictates of wisdom. His central questions in life are how to live gracefully and harmoniously on this earth, to laugh heartily, share openly and learn tirelessly. He co-founded Taproot Sanctuary with his partner, Marcia Lee.