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A unique experience for all.

At Kirkridge, you can experience the kind of peace and thoughtful reflection that is becoming increasingly rare to find in our fast-paced, modern world.

On the mountain, you can nurture your spirit and learn how to care for yourself and your community in meaningful, productive, and tender ways. Everyone is welcome here, to our home, to gently reconnect with what really matters to you.

I have taught and learned in many places, but rarely at the depths that open time and again at Kirkridge. I could name many reasons why – a faithful history, an exquisite setting, a risk-taking mission, a gifted staff. But it is more in Kirkridge spirit to say, simply, that the place is a giving and a gift, and I am grateful.

Parker J. Palmer

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Want to experience the beauty and tranquility of Kirkridge yourself? Take a look at our upcoming programs & retreats below and find one that interests you. Click the “Details & Registration” button to learn more and register online to reserve space now!

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Various Leaders
  • Location: Kirkridge Zoom Room
Until we can gather again in person on the mountain, Kirkridge will be offering free online programming that is open to all. The registration link for the programs listed is at the bottom of the page. Monday, May 25th from 3-4pm EDTLiving in to social justice amidst COVID-19 with… (more)
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2020-09-12 11:00:00

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Michael Adee, Erin Swenson, Mac Schafer, Katie Schafer, Dominick Petitto
  • Location: Zoom
  • Starts: 2020-09-12 11:00:00
  • Ends: 2020-09-12 17:00:00
At Kirkridge, we believe that all families deserve to experience care, respect and support. Several parents with gender diverse children have shared with us that they experience little to no support from the places families can typically count on in their communities — churches, schools and medical offices.  So,… (more)
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2020-06-13 11:00:00

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Erin Swenson, Th.M., Ph.D
  • Location: Online
  • Starts: 2020-06-13 11:00:00
  • Ends: 2020-06-13 12:30:00
This is a virtual session in an ongoing 4-part series about supporting families with gender diverse children. Our focus will be on what “family” means within the context of the trans* and gender fluid life. We welcome families of all flavors – birth, adoptive, chosen – and family members… (more)
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Programs & Retreats

Recharge & Reflect.

Our retreats are rooted in our history as a place of warm hospitality, study, and community. Kirkridge is a beautiful place to grow and foster relationships with friends both old and new.

The retreats we offer range from topics on spiritual and personal growth, to writing and the creative arts, to healing and wholeness, to social justice and activism.

Facility Rentals

For Groups & Individuals

Our facilities are all open and welcoming spaces located on the tranquil Kittatinny Ridge. We invite you to use our robust and versatile facilities for your next special or professional event. 

From our rustic farmhouse to our practical lodge and beyond, you have your pick among our many wonderful facilities on this gorgeous mountain. From the gorgeous views to the peaceful environment, we can help make your event a memorable experience. 

Weddings & Celebrations

A Day To Remember

Come celebrate your love here on the romantic Kittatinny Mountains, where the picturesque landscape is a perfect backdrop to start a lifetime of memories. 

Weddings at Kirkridge are elegant and affordable and completely customizable to your needs and dreams as a couple. Whether you want a big outdoor ceremony, or an intimate indoor affair, we can accommodate any request with ease and enthusiasm.

News & Announcements

What’s going on at Kirkridge

view from TP

Kirkridge Update re: COVID-19

“In the Eastern tradition there is a critical period in our lives that is a privileged opportunity for spiritual growth.

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Kirkridge Testimonials

See what our wonderful guests have to say about their experiences with us here. Whether it was a retreat, event or wedding, we are so grateful for them to share such kind words about us.

Kirkridge and sanctuary are synonymous terms. A sanctuary is a place of safety where the sacred reveals itself, where people gather and the Spirit vitalizes and renews the earth once more. Kirkridge is such a place, a place where non-violence becomes credible and possible, a place which people experience as a home, a place of joy and festivity, healing and hope, vulnerability and courage.

Anthony T. Padovano

Friend of Kirkridge