A colorful, rainbow painting.
  • Nelson Lodge Private Room – $475.00
  • Nelson Lodge Shared Room – $375.00

Date & Time Details: Begins Friday at 4:00 pm and will wrap up on Sunday at 1:00 pm

Location: Nelson Lodge

Address: 3501 Valley View Drive, Bangor, PA 18013

Contact: Logan Rimel

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Sisterly: Intergenerational Queer Joy

September 20 - 22, 2024

In an age of intolerance, they practiced compassion. In an era of religious arrogance, they embraced the Divine Feminine and celebrated gifts of the Spirit. Under suffocating patriarchy, they rejected cultural dictates limiting women to the roles of wives owned and subjugated by husbands or nuns cloistered and controlled by the church. They boldly lived together in empowering communities, providing safe haven and education for girls, supporting one another by making lace and candles, baking bread and brewing beer.

Come to the mountain as the autumn breezes begin to stir and dive into the mystery of the stunning medieval mystics known as the Beguines. They will be our guides as we explore themes of community and sustainability, resistance and resilience. Time will be provided for walking the trails, labyrinth, or sacred Columcille Megalith Park, for writing, resting, or sitting by the pond. On Tuesday evening of this retreat, we will gather on a ridge with a magnificent panoramic view, and by the glow of a bonfire and a partial lunar eclipse, we will share in a ritual of remembrance and celebration.