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Unpacking Racism for White Folks

Unpacking Racism for White Folks

Marissa Metelica, Equity Allies
  • Location: Virtual

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Monday, July 6th, 2020
3-6pm EDT

A three-hour interactive Equity Allies Training

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As we see racial disparities escalating this public health crisis for black and brown communities, as well as the continued police brutality stealing the lives of black men and women, many of us are wondering how we arrived at this reality and how we can be better allies for racial justice. In order to work toward balancing present inequities, we must learn about the system of racism that got us here and where our agency to affect change lies.

Too often, in addition to enduring the indignities of racial oppression, people of color are asked to contribute an unfair share of the taxing emotional labor to educate white people about the tragic reality. In the struggle for racial equity, white people need to do the work to educate one another and work collaboratively with communities of color to change the systems of injustice from which we, as white people, benefit. There is no better time than the present to begin doing this work.

This interactive, three-hour-long online training presented by Equity Allies will provide an intro to race, racism and whiteness. Through individual reflection activities, dialogue, and lectures, participants will learn about the historical legacy of racism in the US, increase racial literacy, and investigate conscious and unconscious bias. Participants will learn about and practice strategies for interrupting racism on three levels: internally, interpersonally, and institutionally. By the end of the training, participants will have tools, resources, and practice in allyship.

This training is for community leaders, educators, parents, and anyone who wishes to expand on their abilities to be an ally for a more racially equitable future.

It is open and free, and we invite you to donate to a black-led organization doing anti-racism and advocacy work such as For the GWORLS Party. A suggested donation of $20-80USD for the value of the workshop.

Given the nature of the engagement and interactions, we will limit the amount of people who can attend. Please register by July 1st, 2020 to hold your spot.

To be added on the waitlist, please click here.