Re-Member Us! A Geez magazine retreat

Re-Member Us! A Geez magazine retreat

Lynice Pinkard and Nichola Torbett

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Friday, May 5 at 4pm to Sunday, May 7 at 1pm 

Facilitators: Lynice Pinkard and Nichola Torbett

Cost: $350

The cost includes the programming, overnight accommodations, and meals Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. Scholarships available. Contact Lydia Wylie-Kellermann at

Brokenness is everywhere evident. If our nations comprise a body politic, it is a self-mutilating body, numb to its own pain and the pain it inflicts on others. Our more intimate communities are likewise rife with resentment and in-fighting. Divided from ourselves and each other by guilt, shame, trauma responses, and addictions—or by the institutionalization of these into systems of oppression such as white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, and nationalism— we find ourselves unable to forge the durable relationships of solidarity across difference that we need to meet the challenges of these times. Where do we go from here?

Can this brokenness be blessed? In this retreat based on our article in the Spring 2023 issue of Geez magazine, we will explore the eucharist as a radical ritual to release our vital energies for love, activism, and solidarity.  You do not need to be a card-carrying Christian to participate! At its best, communion is a ritual working through of denial, guilt, shame, trauma and mourning, with recourse to a power greater than ourselves, that can move us from victimhood to full humanity, a fundamental rupture and rebirth.

Come join the conspiracy of the broken. Leave with tools for welcoming others. Let’s re-member each other.

This retreat will be aligned with the spring 2023 issue of Geez magazine on the theme of Bread and Wine. 

Geez magazine is a quarterly, ad-free print magazine on contemplative cultural resistance. The work of Geez is storytelling. We believe that stories are crucial to the ongoing struggles for justice — that they are part of what sustains us, gives us rest, and offers hope. 

Facilitators Bios:

Rev. Lynice Pinkard is a Black writer, teacher, healer, pastor, and public intellectual operating at the intersection of Christianity, economics, and social change. Her current work is dedicated to decolonizing the human spirit and freeing people from what she calls “empire affective disorder.” Her commitment is to inspire and nurture a new generation of Spirit-filled servant leaders dedicated to the remediation of day-to-day suffering, the building of collective resilience for transformative change, and the pursuit of structural and systemic justice in the world.

Nichola Torbett is a white spiritual seeker, recovering addict, gospel preacher, racial justice podcaster, nonviolent direct action trainer, and petsitter. She is committed to helping other white people recognize their own trauma and discontent as catalysts for the dismantling of systems of oppression that are killing us all, and killing Black and Brown people first. She is grateful to First Congregational Church of Oakland and Second Acts as her primary communities of accountability.

Lynice and Nichola have been teaching, writing, and fomenting communities of recovery and resistance together for eleven years. Forged by mutual longing, love, and shared risk, their longstanding cross-racial friendship forms the basis for the transformative work they do with others.

Registration deadline: April 24, 2023

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