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Kirkridge Retreat & Study Center

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Where courage is kindled & kindred spirits are found.

Located on the homelands of the Lenape people, Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center welcomes groups and individuals in search of a time apart–for rest, for celebration, for reflection, for community building, for focused work.

This is a place of beauty and wonder. A space to wander and rest where the land listens and the stones speak. A place to kindle courage and stumble upon kindred spirits. A place tingling with spirit summoning the work of justice. It is a place to ask, “what does it mean to be human?” and “how do we tend to our souls?”

Perched on the Kittatinny Ridge in the Pocono Mountains, Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center is a refuge for everyone seeking to live humanly in a violent world.

May we always be people of hope, who give with open arms and caution thrown to the wind - In my time, energy, and money given to Kirkridge, I have felt repaid, tenfold. I hope you have felt the same.

Fareena Alam

Programs & Retreats

Recharge & Reflect.

Our retreats are rooted in our history as a place of warm hospitality, study, and community. Kirkridge is a beautiful place to grow and foster relationships with friends both old and new.

The retreats we offer range from topics on spiritual and personal growth, to writing and the creative arts, to healing and wholeness, to social justice and activism.

Facility Rentals

For Groups & Individuals

Our facilities are all open and welcoming spaces located on the tranquil Kittatinny Ridge. We invite you to use our robust and versatile facilities for your next special or professional event. 

From our rustic farmhouse to our practical lodge and beyond, you have your pick among our many wonderful facilities on this gorgeous mountain. From the gorgeous views to the peaceful environment, we can help make your event a memorable experience. 

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What’s going on at Kirkridge

A black and white photo of Daniel Berrigan.

Daniel Berrigan loved Kirkridge

Friends, Daniel Berrigan loved Kirkridge. He loved the windows and the vistas, the way nature called to him to look

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