Join us in celebrating St. Columba’s 1450th Anniversary
the 75th Anniversary of the Iona Community

May 14-27, 2013

Led by:
Rev. Matilda Chase and Rev. Kathleen Roney

A Pilgrimage A Long Time In The Making

By, Kathleen Roney

                Travelers have been seeking the Spirit on pilgrimages to Iona for centuries.  We in our modern time are no different.  We at Kirkridge have done many pilgrimages to the Island of Iona.  This pilgrimage to Iona is a chance to join us in a very special celebration.  On Pentecost Sunday 2013, the Island of Iona will celebrate its 1,450th Anniversary.  The modern Iona Community will celebrate their 75 Anniversary.  There is room in the Abbey for you, so please come join us.  Reverend Tilly Chase and Reverend Kathleen Roney will be guiding pilgrims to Glasgow to see some of the work from the Iona Community in the streets of Glasgow.  Then we will journey by bus and by boat through Scotland to the magical Island of Iona where we will participate in the Anniversary celebrations.  As we leave Iona, we will journey to the Roseland Chapel, which is famous for their connection to the Knights Templar and then on to the tidal Island of Lindisfarne.  We will explore their Celtic roots, walk through the ancient ruins and worship in the medieval Church.  From there, we will wind our way through the border Abbeys and learn about their fascinating history and their place in Scottish history.  We will end up in Edinburgh for a free day before flying home.  Tilly and I welcome you to journey with us. 


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