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Kirkridge Pilgrimages Are An Adventure For The Spirit

“We are all human before we are of one race or another, and it is this common ground of being human that we live truly and on which we meet.” - Martin Buber

On a Kirkridge pilgrimage, there is always possibility for the unexpected and mysterious. We support pilgrimages to spiritual sites around the world, but on the lovely Appalachian Trail, we nurture pilgrims traveling on our magnificent land. Each itinerary is carefully crafted by seasoned leaders to allow time for special stops along the way – to help pilgrims either explore or be still in the moment. The pace is relaxed, enabling each person to be comfortable as we both step aside for reflection and commune together as a group. Small groups are one of the joys of this kind of travel with Kirkridge. Meal times provide stimulating conversation with plenty of laughter. There is always time for solitude, and to reflect on what we have seen and experienced.

Accommodations differ from pilgrimage to pilgrimage, but they are always in keeping with the warm and simple hospitality you have come to appreciate at Kirkridge.

Plese check our list of upcoming programs to see what pilgrimages we might be offering.

Your Journey

We create a rhythm for the journey, whether it is riding on a coach, or exploring in town. We make time for listening to the silence of nature, walking through city streets, and making new friends along the way.

A Kirkridge pilgrimage provides the opportunity to meet people from both far away and nearby places with dignity and respect, appreciating our shared humanity.